Rest Assured!


In my mind, Al is the epitome of what a coach should be.  He is professional at all times in his relationship with the clients. He is firm but compassionate, dedicated and committed to the individual success of each clients. Al sets high standards for himself and expects no less from his clients, who, with practice, rise to his expectations.

Success depends on praise and positive models of excellence. Al is such a role model. He consistently, either in 1 on 1 or group sessions, demonstrates compassion, dedication, respect and commitment to the enjoyment and success of the clients.

Al recognizes individual strengths and is very perceptive in his awareness of an individual's learning style, in order to achieve success. Clients are empowered by his belief in their abilities. A great deal of time is spent in assisting and modifying instructional techniques to meet all learning styles.

Clients are validated at all times. Al is respected by all and is approachable and ready to offer a helping hand, or some sound advise.

Al exemplifies what effective teaching and learning is all about. We all rise to all the challenges presented and always benefit from his positive energy and attitude. We all feel welcome and are drawn to his enthusiastic goal oriented mentality. He definitely is deserving of all of the above accolades.

— Batia L - Toronto, ON

Learning with Al and Believe Achieve continues to be a delightfully challenging experience in a highly supportive environment.

In addition to receiving excellent private coaching and working with fellow clients, I am improving my confidence . . . and having lots of fun!!!

— Liz Larter - Miss. ON

I Offer


My clients benefit from my lifetime of experience in Business, Relationships, Teaching, Sports, Parenting and being parented and my capacity for Compassion and Patience, and my desire for a world of Enlightened, Happier People!

What Coaching Means To Me


Guiding and assisting my clients to a more balanced life of fulfillment in our 6 fundamental needs.

  1. Certainty – Certainty that we can be comfortable – to have pleasure and avoid pain. Code words for certainty are comfort, security, safety, stability, feeling grounded, predictability and protection.
  2. Uncertainty / Variety – Variety and challenges that exercise our emotional and physical range. Our bodies, our minds, our emotional well-being all require uncertainty, exercise, suspense, variety and surprise. Code words for uncertainty / variety are instability, change, entertainment, suspense, exertion and surprise.
  3. Significance – Every person needs to feel special, important, needed and wanted. Code words for significance are pride, importance, achievement, performance, perfection, evaluation, discipline and competition.
  4. Connection / Love – Everyone needs connection with other human beings, and everyone strives for and hopes for love. Code words for connection / love are togetherness, passion, unity, warmth, tenderness and romance.
  5. Growth – Everything is either growing or dying. We need to constantly develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
  6. Contribution – We all desire to go beyond our own needs and give to others. Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself or is eliminated.

When our needs for love, growth and contribution are satisfied, they tend to encompass all our other needs. When we focus on something beyond ourselves, most of our problems and sources of pain become less significant. Most healthy relationships contribute as a unit to something greater.

Contribution is the human need that effectively regulates your other five needs. If you are focused on contributing to others, you have the certainty of being able to contribute (there is always a way); you have variety (contribution is highly interactive); you have significance, because you know you are helping others and improving their lives; the spiritual bond created when you help others gives you a deep sense of connection; and by creatively helping others you grow.

Everyone experiences the same six basic human needs. However, everyone finds different ways of satisfying these needs.

Each of these needs can be met in ways that are positive or negative. Some ways of satisfying these needs are god for the person, good for others and good for society, and some are bad for everyone.

Do the work and become aware how these six needs guide our choices and actions. You then have the opportunity to let go of the negative ways of fulfilling them, that do not serve you, so you can create space to create and maintain healthy relationships.