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Becoming Lightning

Becoming Lightning is personal path of healing, ​transformation and empowerment, to be who the Creator intended us to be – to truly know ourselves as divine beings that live in alignment with our life purpose. 

It is a path of ascension to the highest state of being. It is the realization of being ONE with the creator and all creation. It is living in ecstatic union with the forces of creation itself.

Becoming Lightning offers ancient spiritual energy healing and activations, Shamanic treatments and Traditional Indigenous healing ceremonies to empower, transform, and heal. 


Quantum Health

A practicioner of Dolores Cannon’s Regression Therapy Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for almost 3 years (QHHT), and in my observations of hundreds of sessions, I can describe that this technique is not hypnosis as we know it, but a direct channeling of your Higher Dimensional Consciousness and receiving healing, guidance  and clarity.
Diet and Regimen Councelling and Sequential homeopathy therapy.


Harmonious Holistics

Harmonious Holistics offers reiki and swedish massage services for de-stressing and restoring balance.  I am a certified holistic health and reiki practitioner, where I understand how health encompasses the whole person - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All these aspects need to be in balance for a harmonious well-being.